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Find Select Buy and Beyond The Banks do not provide legal, financial or taxation advice unless specified in a separate contract.

Accordingly, it is important you ensure you understand your legal obligations under any Contract of Sale, Building Contract, loan, and the financial consequences.

We recommend that you consult your Accountant, Solicitor, Taxation Department, Investment Adviser or any other licensed person in respect to the financial implications of this application for finance before you enter any property or credit contract.

Under the Financial Services Reform Act 2001, Beyond The Banks and/or their authorised representative cannot provide any advice or opinion on any deposit accounts and/or insurance products.

As a duty of care, we recommend that you seek professional advice in regards to insurance products such as mortgage protection insurance, income protection insurance and life insurance.

It is the responsibility of the applicant/s to maintain mortgage repayments and we strongly recommend that you seek insurance advice with regards to risk management and financial planning.

We will inform you of any potential conflict of interest or relationship that could reasonably be expected to influence our recommendation.

We don’t make any promises about the value of any property you finance with us or its future prospects. You should always rely on your own enquiries.

Find Select Buy and Beyond The Banks does not provide any advice on your ability to repay your mortgage, personal loans, car loans or any other liabilities.

Please seek independent financial advice if you are unsure of your financial circumstances.

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